Learn the different ways that you can iterate a Pandas DataFrame using Python


At times as a Data Scientist, we are going to encounter poor quality data. To be successful we need to be able to effectively manage data quality issues before any analysis. Thankfully there are several powerful open-source libraries that we can utilise to efficiently process data such as Pandas. Today…

How to massage a Pandas DataFrame into the shape you need


Last article we shared an embarrassing moment which encouraged us to learn and use Pandas to pivot a DataFrame. Today we are going to look at Pandas built-it .melt() function to reverse our pivoted data. The .melt() function comes in handy when you need to reshape or unpivot a DataFrame.

Getting Started

Learn how to drop duplicates from a Pandas DataFrame to improve your data quality


Dropping duplicates from your data sets is a task you will regularly have to do as a Data Analyst. Whilst in some cases, duplicates may be valid frequently, they have been created through lax data integrity or incorrect joining methods during data extraction. To be successful as a Data Analyst…

Tips and tricks you can use to save time as a Data Analyst and increase your productivity.


Today I am going to share with you several tools, packages and code snippets that I have used and developed during my time as a Data Analyst. In our roles as Data Analysts, there are going to be times where you are required to rerun the same report, run a…

A comprehensive guide to understanding Pandas Series and DataFrame data structures


To be successful as a Data Scientist one needs to be continuously learning and improving our skills across a wide range of tools. A tool synonymous with Data Science these days is Pandas. Pandas is an incredibly powerful open-source library written in Python. It offers a diverse set of tools…

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